Message from the Director of Sports

SAITM Students have a short and proud history of participating in sport activities in and out of the country. Started as a small team of enthusiastic rugby players in 2011, SAITM Sports Council now gives the leadership to: Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Swimming, Badminton and Tennis. The Sports Council consists of Director of Sports, Master in charge of each sport, Captains and Vice Captains from each sport.

SAITM Sportsmen have now dominated the university sports arena in Sri Lanka. Our teams are invited by many state and non-state universities. Our teams have been also invited by foreign universities since 2014 such as Thailand and Malaysia.

SAITM contributes annually, a significant amount to sports and recreational activities of its students. They are in the form of paying for top-class coaches, playground rental, big-matches, colors night, foreign tours etc.

Mr. Pradeep Jayaprakash
Sports Director - SAITM

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